• Spent some time today hiking Vasquez Rocks.

  • Lia petting a jellyfish at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

  • 🔪 Knife skills workshop with Chef Ludo. Ready to julienne all my food now.

  • I went Obey Giant’s Damaged exhibit today and was surprised to see Shepard Fairey discussing his art and process!

  • Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 7: “Shadow”

  • Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 6: “Seasonal” - Pumpkin spice donut from Sidecar.

  • Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 5: “Liquid” - Miu Mius at her water bowl on the patio

  • Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 4: “Up Close” - lightbulb on a glass table

  • Micro.blog Photo Challenge, Day 3: “On the Move” - Axl Rose picture disc at 33 RPM

  • Micro.blog photo challenge day 2: “tasty.” Fish and chips from Batter Fish food truck.

  • Day one of the micro.blog photo challenge. Today’s theme is “squares.”

  • Sunday afternoon flight at Iron Triangle. Had to pick up a few bottles of Jawbone to take home, too! 🍺

  • From the Cosmic Dialogues exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

  • Remembering Barb #justiceforbarb - Dia de los Muertos shrine for Barb (Stranger Things)

  • Walking through a room filled with giant popsicle sculptures at the Museum of Ice Cream!

  • I think I found the most awesome halloween costume ever on Amazon :-)

  • 🔗 quicktype

    Given sample data, quicktype infers its type and writes the code needed to work with that data. Pick a sample or paste your own JSON, select your favorite language, and experience geeky magic! 🤓✨

    quicktype is an extremely useful tool for working with JSON in Swift!

  • Finally made it to the Hollywood Bowl. At the premiere event for JANE, the new Nat Geo documentary about Jane Goodall.

  • I had a great time at CalJam 17 this weekend. Amazing performances by Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters. Plus, Lia got to sit on Dave’s throne of guitars!

  • An evening of art and rock ‘n’ roll! 🤘At Nikki Sixx’s gallery opening and unveiling of the “Nikki Sixx” limited edition Leica Q IMG 8131

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