HyperDrive: World’s 1st USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 by HYPER by Sanho Corporation — Kickstarter

World’s 1st USB-C Hub specifically designed for the 2018 iPad Pro. Patent pending removable grip that secures 6-in-1 hub onto iPad Pro

This is the first Kickstarter project I’ve backed since Micro.blog. Let’s hope this one works out as well as the last!

I finally visited the Montana Shop L.A. over the weekend and picked up some new markers that I can’t wait to test out. I have a weakness for art supplies! 🎨

🎮 Lia and I visited Two Bit Circus while I was back in Los Angeles over the weekend. Despite a couple of minor tech issues, we had a great time. I love the concept and hope to visit again soon!

🍺 Had to swing by Iron Triangle over the weekend to try the Live By Night and a few other things. Delicious!

Hey Preppies! Grabbed a quick dinner at The Max :-)

Moonlight Forest at the LA Arboretum

Lia and I went to the Maccarone Gallery today to check out an exhibit of Jim Carrey’s political drawings.

Bye, car! See you in Austin!

Beautiful day hiking in the Rockies

Was going to go hiking today, but opted for art and beer instead. The sculpture is one of the pieces in the “Stampede: Animals in Art” exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art and the flight is from Wynkoop Brewery.

The Zombies at the Troubadour.

Birthday girl and her new car!

🍺 We wrapped up the weekend with at El Segundo Brewing Company taproom. Both the Brut AF and Cerveza Fresca IPAs were delicious.

Last night we were finally able to make it to Jeff Goldblum’s Jazz Night at Rockwell Table & Stage. It’s been on our LA bucket list for a while!

Strolling through the aisles of Sparrow Mart, a pop up filled with felt versions of grocery store items.

Enjoyed the 3D: Double Vision exhibit at LACMA yesterday. It was really cool to see how 3D art has been created throughout history.

Celebrated the 30th anniversary of Die Hard with a screening at “Nakatomi Plaza“

Spent the (ridiculously hot) day hiking in Malibu Creek State Park and found the old set for MAS*H


Saw some amazing graffiti at the Beyond the Streets exhibit this weekend