This morning I noticed a tip in the Core Intuition Slack group that DuckDuckGo has added a search !bang (!oss) for, a website for quickly looking up Apple API errors. For example, if you’re working on an app and want to look up information on CKErrorNetworkUnavailable , you can type !oss KErrorNetworkUnavailable in the search bar to view the results.

If you’re an Alfred user, you can streamline the process even more.

Alfred App Preferences screen - Web Search

  1. In Preferences, click Web Search.
  2. Click the Add Custom Search button in the bottom, right corner.
  3. Enter []({query} in the Search URL field.
  4. Enter a name for the search in the Title field.
  5. Enter a keyword for activating the search in the Keyword field. This is what you’ll type to activate the search in Alfred, so I like to keep it as short as possible. I decided to go with .oss
  6. You can test the search by pasting an error name or number in the Validation field and clicking the Test button. With any luck, you’ll see the results appear in your browser.
To use the search, just activate Alfred and type your keyword followed by the term you’d like to look up! Activating a custom web search in Alfred

I have similar searches setup for Stack Overflow and GitHub, two sites I visit multiple times each day.